4RC – A Cloud Solution for mid-size Rail Cargo Operators

The 4RailCargo (4RC) solution is an order-to-cash cloud solution built for the mid-size rail cargo operators. It supports all your business processes so you can focus on running your trains. 4RC provides a feature rich basic package that can be enhanced with optional features.

The 4RC solution is built up of fully integrated modules and comes with a flexible business model that allows you to expand over time. The 4RC modules listed below, include all needed features for a rail cargo operator’s order-to-cash business processes including planning and daily operations:

  • Contracts
  • Transport Files
  • Planning & Execution
  • Production
  • Finances & Invoicing
  • Standing Data

Each module includes optional features to further enhance and automate the business processes. The Planning & Execution module can be expanded with planning capability for trains, rail car/wagon, locomotives and crew. The customer portal can be opened up for your customers and enhance the service level for your customers.

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