GYSEV CARGO Ltd. appeared on the European rail freight market as a legally independent rail freight operator in year 2011, earlier it was a division of GYSEV. Since then it is a subsidiary of GYSEV, its shares are owned 100% by the mother company. The main activity of GYSEV has always been rail freight transportation in Europe and other complex logistics services, e.g. road transportation management, warehousing, re-expedition, weighing railway wagons, loading and unloading goods to/from railway wagons, customs clearance. GYSEV CARGO Ltd. has a subsidiary in Austria, which is called Raaberbahn Cargo. Raaberbahn has all the licenses and certifications to be able to transport goods on railway in Austria. GYSEV CARGO Ltd. offices are located in Sopron, Budapest (Hungary),  Vienna (Austria) and Wulkaprodersdorf (Austria).

In order to improve the complete efficiency of Order-to-Cash and Operational Transport Processes, GYSEV CARGO Ltd. selected Rail Cargo Solution (RCS) from Ab Ovo.

RCS will enable Gysev to achieve its ambitious objectives:

  • Adopt a Management Information System that will give Management full visibility and control of its organization.
  • Increase its competitiveness in the market.
  • Optimize infrastructure/traction capacity planning and costs.
  • Monitor the planned/actual traffic and position of the trains, including external and internal information about wagons and trains (customers, authorities, internal organizational units).