DB Cargo Danmark Services A/S is the largest rail freight operator in Danmark and the fast rail bridge to Scandinavia. The company is part of the DB Cargo Group, one of the world’s leading transport companies. DB Cargo Danmark Services A/S has its head office in Copenhagen.

For DB Cargo Danmark Services A/S we implemented our planning system Paloma. With Paloma trains and drivers are planned.

DB Cargo AG is the largest rail freight operator in Europe, which offers innovative transportation and logistics solutions. Ab Ovo developed and implemented an Advanced Planning & Scheduling solution (Cargo Traktion Planung system) for DB Cargo AG.

DB Cargo Nederland is the Netherlands’ largest rail transport operator and a member of the part of the DB Cargo Group – the No. 1 of international rail freight transport.

Ab Ovo carried out various activities for DB Cargo Nederland such as filling the position of ICT-manager, carrying out a business balance scorecard project, setting up a complete new ICT workstation structure, creating and implementing a planning application Paloma.