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The supply chain challenge in omnichannel retail

With the support of Ab Ovo we enable you to optimize your supply chain in the dynamic world of retail. Our solutions will give you the capability and act in a professional way with internal and external relations how to translate the market ambitions into logistic needs to ensure 100% fulfillment. The next 3 key challenges are covered by our solutions:

  • Smart demand forecasting using predictive analytics
  • Geographic inventory allocation which includes E-commerce and sku-levels in shops
  • Controlled logistic costs combined with optimal distribution

By having our dynamic network control and shop distribution solutions in place, your supply chain is ready to support your market business goals.  For instance, we have developed solutions supporting you (retailers) with special requirements in the supply chain (which are not covered by standard route optimization tools). For example: optimizing dozens of distribution routes and vehicle type compositions simultaneously, resulting in improved delivery quality and considerable savings. Please download our:

Contact: walter.kusters@ab-ovo.com