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Intermodal planning challenge

With the support of Ab Ovo we enable you to solve the complex intermodal planning puzzle. Our solution will give you end-to-end visibility of your entire network. Intermodal providers have 3 key challenges to solve:

  • Limited integration across the different modalities
  • TMS-systems have limited capacity for adequate planning
  • How to handle the overload of data available in the network?

Our APS-platform makes your planning decisions faster, enabling you to plan all orders and modalities at once. Our solution supports:

  • Real time calculations with immediate feedback
  • Propagation, delivering ultimate visibility
  • Flexibility to achieve 100% fit with every customer

Please download our:

  • Ab Ovo Value Proposition Intermodal (pdf)
  • Ab Ovo Intermodal leaflet (pdf)
  • Ab Ovo testimonial (pdf)
  • Ab Ovo reference (pdf)

Contact us at office@ab-ovo.com