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Ab Ovo as an employer

Working at Ab Ovo: room for your ambition

Ab Ovo is a successful company. We deliver large, innovative and strategic projects to our clients in the European top of rail cargo and logistics. Our company's strong growth enables you to make the next step in your career. It enables you to find the new projects that tie in with your challenges and ambitions. Our people cherish their freedom and like to take responsibility for matters. We encourage you to use your talents and are open to your enterprising ideas. That is how we got this far. We are among the top. We demand a lot from you, but we also offers you the opportunity to become a top player in your field of expertise.

Working at Ab Ovo: a passion for your development

We are as good as our people. Developments in our market are continual and extremely fast, which is why we focus on the development of every team member. We offer customized facilitation on the basis of your passion, talents and wishes. Not only do we look at your practical knowledge development, but also your growth as a professional and human being.

 Our facilities for personal development include:
  • Professional practice groups: we have active practice groups in the major APS and RCS areas of expertise, where we discuss business developments.
  • A target of 10 training days per year; a guarantee for knowledge investment. You will obtain the necessary certificates and your market value remains up-to-date.
  • Publishing in magazines, becoming a member of professional organizations, receiving coaching and/or mentoring.
  • Learning a lot from an open, experienced and extremely strong team of fellow consultants and developers.

Working at Ab Ovo: being a member of a close-knit team

We offer you the best of both worlds in many ways. We are big enough to offer you interesting work at the top end of the market, but fortunately we are small enough to still remember each other's names. We value and respect each other, which forms a solid basis for everyone in our team. We offer a true home base, where you can work in peace, pick the minds of colleagues who will be happy to make some time for you, a place where we cherish a culture of respect and attention for each other's traits and talents. We don't like boasters; we like content, good ideas, a down-to-earth vision and, naturally, with a head office in Rotterdam: getting things done!

Working at Ab Ovo: excellent customised total package

Of course you aim for a challenging and meaningful job. It benefits your development and growth as a professional in a close-knit team. It is nice to be rewarded for good performances. We offer an excellent total package of terms and conditions of employment: a good salary and employee benefits, including a good pension, training budget, a lease car (if applicable), mobile phone and a healthy profit-sharing scheme. We strongly support freedom and personal responsibility, so we have flexible working hours, the possibility of working part-time and sometimes the option of working from home.